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                                           FELINE AND EQUINE RELIEF VETERINARY

                                          PRACTITIONER  AT YOUR HOSPITAL/CLINIC

                                                 IN FLORIDA , ARIZONA AND HAWAII.



                                                 Waterbury Republican Jan. 12, 1992

Why pay a commission finders fee with a broker? Get the expert service you require at a lower rate.

For 25 plus years I owned and operated a dog and cat hospital in Bristol Ct where I had many occasions to provide equine medical and surgical care in the field. Since Jan 2015, I am providing relief veterinary care at hospitals and clinics for dogs, cats and horses in FL, AZ and HI. More detailed information about my background, i.e. brief resume can be provided. Kindly email any requests, questions and concerns.

In my home state of Florida we operate a small house call practice in Pasco and Hernando counties Florida. A local house call fee including a physical exam in Hudson can be as low as 45.00.

We provide affordable exams and other routine treatments and prescriptions for dogs and cats that do not require more intensive diagnositics and treatments.  When necessary we will refer your pet to clinic or hospital for those services. 

 We stock and refill prescriptions for our medically managed cases and popular supplies for all our clients when it does not conflict with any of our Relief Hospital relationships in the above thre states. For example, popular supplies such as six month supplies of Frontline generic are currently selling for just 49.00 including shipping with no sales tax (Please see the Shop Now page for details). 

Have a seasoned professional looking over your shoulder.

Thank you.